Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is my next cloth. It is indigo and really soft thin fabric. The color is so much nicer that this, but I find it hard to get the correct color with my camera. I have quilted it around each square to hold it in place and it has such a nice quality about it now. I am now at that place of "what's next"?
This is where I always lose confidence. What will it become? It is where I start admiring Jude so much for knowing what to do. I go back and look at the videos and the posts to the class and I just kind of think about it all the time. One of my thoughts is to embroidery X's on it.. we will see what happens.

I'm off to make an apple cake, I found my grandma's recipe.. yummm.

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  1. linda, i think it's a place we all get to. and
    i think as i read your thoughts, about others
    saying that's why they have more than one cloth
    in process at any time?
    now that my window hanger work is complete, i
    can go back to making small cloths of my own and
    that will be on Wednesday. i am thinking. what
    will it be, that first moment? i'd thought of
    working on some from the classes, but that seems
    a long time in the past, now. So...we'll see.
    one thing that works for me is to go look at
    the art of painters, the masters.
    Klee, Redon, and...oh...i can't think of his
    name in this moment...but, just for the "feeling"
    of their work....