Monday, October 18, 2010

Vancouver class

I spent four days in Vancouver taking a class on weaving from Jane Stafford. It was so wonderful to be around weavers that think about cloth like I do. On the first day I was in Maiwa (the store that sponsored the class) with another student. I was looking at this scarf with her and I turned to her and just hugged her. I thanked her for being there.. It is so nice to share this part of yourself with people that look at weaving like it is an art form instead of just pieces of cloth.

I also had four days in a B & B being totally relaxed. No laundry, dishes, babies, dogs or jobs to do.
It was a wonderful vacation. I fully intended to come home every evening and work on spirit cloth, instead I was wiped out. I slept 10 hours one night. It was so consuming to be weaving and thinking of weaving every day. I did start a new base and today I will make some progress. I just got my first package from Glennis and I am thrilled. What a beautiful package of cloth, all blue and white. I love blue.

Now it is hard to not just go in there and cut off my warp and start over. I think the first thing to do is to order some color cards for bamboo and figure out what is next. I can weave and stitch in the mean time.

So I made new friends and have new skills and ideas. Wonderful time. Now if Theo will just learn to be good while I weave and stitch, life could be even better.

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