Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stitching and Theo

it looks like a ball of fur there in the corner but instead it is Theo taking a nap. You can't tell that it a dog and it is wild and crazy and wants to bite you and chew on your fingers and the couch and the loom and the cloth and, well, you get it.
So this was a quiet moment of sleep that allowed me to finish the last cloth that I did.
It is the Howling at the Moon cloth I did in the cloth to cloth workshop.
I am pleased with the piece. I think each one I do gets better and better. I learn so much stitching the fabric. I never know when to stop... it could be thick as a brick when I finish. I love it.. I do find it difficult to start. I made some new bases and then I stop because I don't know what to do next. It eventually comes but my confidence flags a bit during that time.

It is a quiet day here with rain and gray skies. It makes me happy to be here alone (with Theo and Sadie) to stitch and read and take time to be slow. I love being with a partner, but alone time is still special. I feel like my mind doesn't have to think, just be.

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  1. alone
    i like alone best.

    or, with, but without requirement.