Saturday, October 23, 2010

Howling at the Moon

The finished cloth. Just the moon and the wolf hiding in the mist.


  1. a certain kind of howling
    a certain wolf
    this cloth speaks of specific, certain things

    it's intense, linda. how does it
    feel? to be

  2. hi linda,
    wish i could say i finished something. love your finished piece. love seeing how the cloth changes with all the stitches.
    would love to see some of your weaving. hope you will post pictures.

  3. thanks for the comments.. I am so happy to be finished with something. I love the feel of it and how it changes, you are right Deanna it changes the whole structure.
    I will post weaving soon.. I am just learning how to do this and it takes forever and you can see the mistakes..

    oh well, it's how we learn