Friday, November 5, 2010

Indigo Continued

I have been working on this little piece. It has turned out to be fun to work on. I love the little squares and trying to ravel the edges. There is some shot silk and an ikat piece that I love. I have used Jude's ideas to inspire me. (In other words, I copied)
I wanted to have my own symbol. I like Jude's feathers and would like to do that, but I wanted something of my own. I did the little weaving in the corner with thread. I think that will be my symbol for my fabrics.
I will quilt a lot more on this, but wanted to post the progress.

I am inspired by so many blogs I am reading. Grace's work is so exceptional. I love seeing what she does. I don't know how to put in her website, but it is called windthread.

This blogging process is so difficult for me. I want it to look different with pictures in
different places, guess I'm going to have to break down and ask for help from my granddaughter.

I read in on of Grace's blog that she questioned why she was doing this and for whom. I feel the same way. I think now that I've started it makes me feel like I am contributing to something. I'm not sure what it is or why, but it is part of the stitching. You stitch then you put it on the blog. For me...


  1. Linda~thank you for all the good things you
    said about my efforts, it mirrors back to me
    and helps me understand what i am "putting out

    "you stitch and then you put it on the blog."
    yes...and others, who do the same, make this
    circular journey, visiting. and to me, when i
    see what others have spent their time doing, it
    gives me i think, similar pleasure as it gave them
    in the doing of it...????
    to me, blogging about cloth making is more and
    more gathering a very strong community of makers
    that really care about the making itself. their
    own and others.
    this weaving above, i really really like. i
    like very much the choice of colors, very rich
    strong colors that rest beautifully in the indigo.
    and the little mark of weaving..yes! and it could
    sometimes even be very very small on some pieces.

    i don't know how to highlight links either. maybe when you find out, you can tell me.
    much love, grace

  2. Grace
    Thank you so much for your comment. I do feel like this is a strong community. Seeing what other people do and how they do it, makes me feel more comfortable in what I'm doing and learning. It is such a privledge to be part of this community.

  3. Your stitching is sensitively done, and I like the colours in this piece.
    If you use the 'add link' feature (it says 'link' in the tool bar above the box where you compose a new post) it gives you an option to add a word to your post and assign a link to it. The top option will be the word that appears in your blog post (in the last case, that would be 'windthread') and the link text will be the address of the website. It's much easier to do than to explain!
    I hope that helped...

  4. Karen
    Thanks for the help. I figured it out. It is so easy, but aren't most things we are trying? Thanks for stopping by and adding a comment.

  5. Hello Linda (my appreciated #81...thank you sooooo much for that!!), a fellow northwesterner ~ This is my first visit to your blog, I will put on my hiking fingers and have a little walk around.

    This weaving is really becoming YOURS, I think. I understand all of your considerations about *copying* which comes into my own mind often. Perhaps instead of agonizing over it, we should give ourselves credit that we are aware of it, mindful of it. Still, I do think all "the best" teachers understand that copying/imitating/mimicry is a part of the process for most students...and they cut us a lot of slack as we experiment & learn from their techniques.

    Funny, when I first looked at this photo, my eyes went right to your thread weaving in the corner...I had an "oooooh, nice!" moment, as I've never seen that done quite like that before. Adds a great texture.

    Glad you found the answer to the linkie thing. If you get stumped again with any blogging ins-n-outs, don't hesitate to pop over & give me a shout and I'll try to help.

    Best to you!

  6. Christy
    Thanks so much for visiting. I love this community of cloth makers. I have a hard time not just sitting and reading instead of weaving or stitching. I am glad you like my piece. It is fun to do and I am loving doing it. I also can use the help with the blog so will keep you in mind.
    BYW it's raining again..