Friday, October 1, 2010

Still working

I have been working on this piece for the cloth to cloth workshop. Instead of trying new techniques, I have been stitching. I do find it relaxing and satisfying to just sit and stitch with a nice small cloth in my lap. I can do it for hours and did last night.

I like how the wolf is coming out of the mist and the little bits of green weaving. I have been stitching the weaving part with lots of stitches. Makes it look so textured and thick. I like that.

Today I am going to put this aside and try to weave on the loom. I am so inspired to weave but not what I am weaving at the moment. I am weaving place mats. It is a first for these. Not usually something I do, but I needed them and I wanted to try out some different techniques. I hope to make a rug and wanted to test the ideas on on a smaller project. Now I just want to weave something wool. Think it is time I got the smaller loom going. I do have some nice alpaca on it for a scarf. Weaving is weaving... just do it.

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