Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Weekend

This is what our backyard looked like last Wednesday. So we decided to stay home and enjoy the weather. It was great to have four days of unplanned time. Thanksgiving day was just four of us and it was simple and wonderful. The rest of the weekend has been time at home.

I had this table in the basement and have been wanting to move it to my weaving room. With a little help from my son and granddaughter, it is in place. The bench from my loom can slide over to table and be for both places. It is crowded but every space is used. I love the table, it makes it so much easier to do my small cloths.

So this is the cloth I started this week. It is funny, I wanted to do a tree and left the big space for the tree in the middle. It is from gifted cloth and it raveled so well, it looks feathery. The picture isn't as nice as the real thing. I wish I could get better color. I looked and thought and felt this cloth for ages, now it is coming together. Love when that happens..

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