Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birds of a Feather

I took this picture at the cabin. I really liked seeing all the purple starfish together. I wondered if the pink one felt left out and ugly. It wasn't up next to them.. just looking from afar. I love the tide flats. I could stay out for hours and often do. It is amazing for this Illinois girl to see the ocean.

I finished this piece of spirit cloth. I basted it to a checked cloth and hung it in my weaving room. I like looking at it. Two people have said they don't like the words on the cloth. I do like that part and I like stitching them. Will just do what I want and how it feels.

Will try to work tomorrow on more stitching and some weaving. Can't wait to show pictures here of how the placemats are progressing.


  1. I love your starfish picture and your cloth! It is sometimes a challenge when people are critical, but good for you for knowing exactly how you feel about it...and following your own path...

  2. thanks suzanna
    that is a hard one to learn. I think it has taken me all my life to finally realize that it doesn't matter what other people think.. making cloth that I want to make and don't have a purpose for is one of the things I do for joy now.