Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Base for Spirit Class

The Spirit Cloth workshop has started and I am stretching my imagination. It is a craft that I have not tried before. I have always avoided quilting since I was a kid. My grandmother quilted and I watched her all the time. She did it all by hand, piecing all summer and then quilting it in the winter. I would try to quilt and she would take it all out. It wasn't a good way to teach a child. I was always sorry to not really know how. I love quilts and have bought many. I have quilts from her and others in the family.

Somehow seeing Jude Hill quilt is a different experience. It is all by hand and it not a bed quilt but an art piece. I want something to stimulate my creativity and spread over to my weaving. I think this is the way to do it. I am so excited about looking at things in a new way. I think about it a lot. Even when working, I am thinking of how to change the little pieces into something more interesting.

So these are my two bases that I will work on. Others are doing more bases, but I think I will stick with these two. I will also do some really small one to maybe add to these.

The first one I did because of the small piece of dyed fabric in the corner. It is a lining of a kimono that I took apart. I loved that little bit of orange and so that color came to mind when starting the piece. We have had little summer in the northwest so summer colors were what I was after. Susan gave me all the great pieces from her bags of cloth that she has dyed in her class. I did the weaving method that Jude showed online because I am a weaver first.

When Jude saw it she said that it should be about the weaver. It's funny that the weaver is named summers. So the first one I call Summertimes.

The second one I used the turban cloth that Jude suggested as my base. I then found some fabric that I bought in India in 1996. I love ikats and found a store filled with saris and cloth. I could have lived there. So I made the pillows with the cloth and then saved every piece that was left. It was perfect for this class. I call this piece The Road to India.

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