Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weaving In Black

A very dear friend of mine died last Friday.
She was 90 and died in her own bed, what a blessing.

It still hurts.

I don't show my weaving projects here but I named this blog for them.
I weave to throw the shuttle. It puts me in a place of quiet and meditation. It restores my soul.

Margaret always said that we come here to grow a soul.
I think death is one of the things that make us grow
but it hurts.

So I am weaving in black. I don't have a pattern or have to think. I am throwing the shuttle and I am dreaming of Margaret. She was a weaver at one time in her life.
She was one of the few people that truly understood spirit cloth.
I showed her everything.

She knit all the time. When she woke up at night, she knit.
I should have known when she quit knitting.
She would say, Well you know, lovey, I knit all night.

So I am dreaming of Margaret and sending her love.
And missing her.


  1. thinking woven thoughts of you and your

  2. Dream weaving!
    Sorry for your loss.

  3.'s me grace...cannot find a comment
    box on Linda's Blog typepad?????????
    click comment, and no box??????